Full Sheet 25" x 38" Red Ocean Garden Hand-Silkscreened Japanese Chiyogami Yuzen Washi Paper SKU# RWPF - 1012

This listing is for one FULL SIZE SHEET of paper (25"L x 38"W)*

This vibrant Japanese paper design features bold red patterns highlighted by golden accents. Cherry blossoms and daisies fill the foreground against splashes of white waves. Look closely to admire all the details this pattern offers.... traditional Japanese prints with pops of black contrast, and nestled quietly are subtle iris flowers not to be missed.

Each color layer of the design is hand-silkscreened in Japan by artisans on to a thick, fibrous mulberry paper (called kozo).

The word "washi" (和紙) literally translates to "Japanese paper", 和 “wa” meaning “Japanese” and 紙 “shi” meaning “paper”.

Chiyogami (also sometimes referred to as Yuzen) washi is a traditional Japanese art form of silkscreening patterns color by color on to kozo paper; and steams from kimono designs in the Edo period.

Our papers' sturdy, fabric-like quality makes it ideal to work with for all sorts of projects. Chiyogami yuzen washi is great for scrapbooking, cards, jewelry making, weddings, or anything else you can think of!

We proudly offer the following sizes of washi:

- FULL SHEET SIZE* (25"L x 38"W) for $16.99

- HALF SHEET SIZE* (25"L x 19"W) for $9.50

- SCRAPBOOK SIZE (12"L x 12"W) for $3.99

Please check out our other listings for other size options!

*size may vary slightly as each maker may use different size base paper or silk-screen. Please contact us if you would like to know the exact measurements of a certain pattern.


- The pattern swatch pictured is an exact 6" x 6" representation of the larger washi sheet design

- Pattern placement may vary per sheet. Portions of the whole design may not be pictured as some patterns are very diverse.

- Colors reflected in the picture may differ from the true colors of the paper depending on the calibration of your screen monitor. Please don't hesitate to message if you have questions about specific coloring.

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