We launched our VIP Washi Connection Email Club to be able to give you the best pricing and more new patterns of washi.

If you haven't already joined, you can sign up HERE - it's FREE and gives you access to the best pricing!


OUR MISSION is to get people to create more with washi by connecting you directly with our washi paper resources, giving you access to tons of patterns at the best pricing.


We are one of very few companies outside of Japan that has a direct relationship with actual makers of chiyogami yuzen washi paper. Our style of ornate hand-silkscreened mulberry paper is often found to be one of the most expensive imported papers in the world. The reason for this is because most foreign importers outside of Japan must buy from a distributor within Japan, not from the actual factory. We have worked really hard to build direct relationships with several artisan washi factories. What started as a quest to find new patterns and better pricing for our own washi products has developed into a great opportunity to be able to make washi paper more accessible to paper lovers around the globe.

We decided to form this VIP Washi Connection Club so we can all be more connected. Through our e-mails you'll get access to the new patterns we bring in, up to 60% OFF products with our new Pre-Order System, receive special perks, and stay up to date with the biggest TRO news. We promise we won't spam your mailbox with a bazillion messages (trust me, I'm not that organized!), but if you want to stay in touch with what's going on with us on a more regular basis make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook - plus sometimes we hold giveaways and other fun things there! 

How many of you have a stash of washi you save only for special projects because it’s so costly and/or hard to find? So many customers have told us how they wished they could use their washi for larger creations but can’t justify it, or how they think the paper is beautiful but can’t bring themselves to buy a sheet as such a high price.

We want washi to be for everyone, and we want you to actually use it! With access to thousands of patterns, and tons of different colorways (and even custom colors!), there is no way we would ever be able to carry that kind of inventory. As I searched for the best way for TRO to sustain and best utilize our resources the answer became clear – share the wealth!


Moving forward we will primarily be based on a Pre-Order System. We will do Pre-Orders throughout the year in order to bring you new patterns more frequently, and only carry a small inventory of each collection until it sells out.


    • Pre-order means you will place an order for the products you want now to get the best pricing, and orders will be shipped mid to late March.

    • 60% OFF will only be available for pre-orders. This is one of the perks you get for making a pre-order purchase.

    • For the pre-order sale we are offering tiered discounts. Each product type has a different quantity per price break (see shop items for details).

    • You can Mix and Match patterns within the same product category to meet the quantity of the discount you want (e.g. 4 of paper pattern #1 and 6 of paper pattern #2 to equal 10 sheets for the 60% OFF discount). YOU CANNOT MIX DIFFERENT PRODUCT TYPES to meet the discount quantity, meaning that in the case of our sample , you would need to purchase 10 rolls of washi tape to get 60% OFF the tapes.

    • Minimum quantities have to be set for each product type to give you the best discount because we have minimums we have to meet for both our washi paper makers and washi tape makers.

    • Because we are required by our factories to buy a minimum of 50 sheets of paper per a pattern and 5,000 rolls of tape at a time, we cannot bring in patterns that do not do well in the pre-order. We have set a GOAL of 25 rolls of tape and 25 sheets of paper for each pattern. (Update 2/12/18: We made our minimum!!!)

    • The patterns in this collection WILL ONLY BE ORDERED THIS ONCE. We will carry a few sheets of each pattern once the papers come in, but the idea behind this new system is that we will be able to bring in tons of fresh, new patterns throughout the year. So if you love something, get it now!

    • One last note is that moving forward all our washi will be machine pressed kozo mulberry paper. It is the same material as the papers we've had in the past and it is still all hand-silkscreened. The only difference is there is no "mimi" (natural decorative white edge). We have made the decision to transition to this paper for several reasons, including the price of the handmade kozo went up and the machine pressed papers are much better for most of our customers' uses. Origami, using washi in die-cutting machines like a Cricut or even just cutting with a paper cutter are much easier with the machine pressed paper because it has a smoother surface with less lumps. Most chiyogami yuzen sold outside of Japan is machine pressed. 


We know this seems a little complicated, but it really is the best way we can give you the lowest pricing and the most new patterns. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are super excited at this new venture and think it will be a great success. Now get your shop on by clicking the button below!







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