Washi crafting is now a breeze, thanks to our 8” x 8” sheets of chiyogami yuzen washi paper with adhesive on the back! This washi square comes with a peel-off backing and can be die cut, kiss cut, or punched.

Each package contains one 8" x 8" sheet.


- Due to the delicate nature of the mulberry paper, the peel-off backing of our Sticker Washi must be removed gently. If you find the backing hard to remove, it may be helpful to use a sewing pin or Xacto knife to help separate the backing. Another helpful hint when peeling the backing off is to place the washi with the pattern side facing down on a flat surface to ensure the mulberry paper does not wrinkle or the paper layers do not separate.

- As this product is made from the larger sheets of washi, each package contains a unique portion of the design and may not reflect the exact part of the pattern pictured.

- The pattern swatch pictured is an exact 6" x 6" representation of the larger washi sheet design

- Pattern placement may vary per sheet. Portions of the whole design may not be pictured as some patterns are very diverse.

- Colors reflected in the picture may differ from the true colors of the paper depending on the calibration of your screen monitor. Please don't hesitate to message if you have questions about specific coloring.

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