All TRO chiyogami yuzen washi sheets and washi paper used to make our products are hand-silkscreened in Japan.

Because of the handmade nature, there may be slight paint variation on some sheets. Please note that the colors reflected in the picture may differ from the true colors of the paper depending on the calibration of your screen monitor.


For Washi Paper Sheets:

The pattern pictured in each listing is an exact 4"x 4" portion of paper. Pattern on the paper you receive in you order will vary in placement depending on the size and cut. 

For Washi Tape:

The pattern pictured is just a sample of a small portion of a roll of tape. Tape patterns vary depending on the cut of the paper it is made from.

For Clothespin Magnets:

The exact pattern pictured in each clothespin listing is only a sample of the washi used on each magnet, and does not represent the exact clothespin set that will be shipped in each order.  Patterns on each clip will vary as a small portion from a large sheet of washi is used for each clothespin, making each magnet unique to itself.



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